It’s Official!

Hey there! Did you notice anything different?

I’ve got my own website baby! It’s official, no more blogspot!

Last week I made the baby steps to my own self hosted website, and today I finally get to share it with all of you.


It only took hours and hours of customizing and learning how to work WordPress. I’m also on a budget so I had to learn how to customize a lot of it myself. Thank goodness for that HTML and JavaScript class that I took in grade 10 (ahem that I hated). Who knew that would come in handy!

Unfortunately, all that time on the computer did cause some suffering. Poor Hubby, he thought he had been completely abandoned. The kitchen lay empty. The cupboards were beginning to collect cobwebs, dust bunnies gathered in the corners, and the only light in the house was the glow of the computer screen.

Although, on second, thought he may have wanted to keep the lights off. Like the haunted house I just described, I too looked like some goblin from Halloween. Hair all gathered up every which way in some sort of weird bun, eyeballs popping out of my head from staring at the screen too long. Wearing the oh so sexy sweat pants and old T-shirt.

But that’s over now, and dare I say it was worth it!


There are still a few final things to be worked out, but for the main part the website is complete. Please be patient as I finish the last few bits of organizing, categorizing, and finishing the transfer. Hopefully I did the redirection properly and you get rerouted to this site from any old links (like blog hops and Pinterest). I don’t want ya getting lost in the mountains of cyber space! I’m quite fond of you!

Welcome to the official April Tells All blog, I’m glad you’re here!







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