There Are Days

There are days when I would rather sleep a few extra minutes.

There are days when I don’t want to milk the goat.

There are days when the heat of summer just about kills me.


There are days when the cold of winter is enough to make me want to board up my house and never ever venture outside again.

There are days when I trip over chickens, bristle at the slight naaa of a goat, and want to cut my ears off every time one of the roosters crow.

There are days when tea is my best friend.

There are days where I’m more thankful than usual for a glass of wine.

There are days when there is poop on my porch.

There are days when I thoroughly clean out my car only to track a glop of chicken manure onto my freshly vacuumed floor mats when I go to work the next day.


There are days when the tomatoes just won’t ripen fast enough.

There are days when I look at dinner and feel so blessed to know where my food came from.

There are days when there isn’t enough money to go around.

There are days when I cry out in anger over not being able to have kids.


There are days when the house is quiet and I can read a book and sip a tea and enjoy just being still.

There are days when a chicken snuggle can get me through anything.

There are days when my miserable cat comes and sits on my lap and purrs.

There are days when I feel like I can accomplish anything.

And there are days when I feel in complete despair.

But every single day God loves me. God cares for me. God is in control. Nothing, nothing can be done without his approval. The air that I breathe would not go into my lungs if God commanded it not to. Some days I wonder why things happen. Some days I struggle more then others. But all days He is there for me.

Thank you Lord for this day.

And amen.

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4 thoughts on “There Are Days

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart with such transparency and showing us that in ALL our days, our Heavenly Father will never leave us nor forsake us, no matter what our days may hold and to know that God ordains our steps for out good and His good purposes.

    This was such an encouraging post!

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