4 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

Once upon a time there was a farm girl named April.

She lovingly cared for chickens, goats, several dogs, a Hubby, and a home.

She also worked 2 jobs outside of the home, wrote a blog, and was co-founder of 3 Birch Farm.

But even with her 4 jobs she managed to get a hot dinner on the table every night.

How did she do it you ask?

Well, it’s no magic trick. It’s just some dang good kitchen tools, some planning, and whole lot of not having to babysit.

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4 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

My KitchenAid Mixer. I work this thing to death. Death I tell you! I’ve had to replace the gears twice now, and am considering looking into a tougher model (I’ve heard the Bosch is a good one!). But in all seriousness a stand mixer is life. It will save you so much time and effort. I also have the food grinder attachment and the pasta maker attachment to go with it. (If you want to take a look this is the exact model I have, this is the food grinder, and this is the pasta maker.)

My bread maker. I prefer to make bread in this baby because I don’t have to baby sit it. To be clear I never bake the bread in it, I just run the dough cycle. No fuss, no greasing bowls and punching it down, just throw all the ingredients in it and forget it. These are the things that make life worth living. For reals.


Cast iron fry pan. This is just a classic, and every kitchen should have one. They’re so versatile. From making pizza to fried chicken to pancakes this is my go to fry pan. The pan of all pans! I also have a ceramic lined cast iron whom I love with a love of all loves. All the benefits of cast iron only it doesn’t need to be seasoned. If you are in the market for a cast iron fry pan I highly recommend looking in thrift stores. Most of the time you can get them for cheap and all they need is to be cleaned and re-seasoned. Check out this video on how to clean an old cast iron fry pan.

Crock Pots! I cannot live without them. If you’ve been around this blog you know I use crock pots for eeeverthing. I’m the type of person that doesn’t want to babysit a project. Set it and forget it. Crock pots make me dinner, chicken stock, sometimes even yogurt. I make everything I possibly can in a crock pot.  And there is nothing, nothing I tell you, better than coming home to a home cooked meal that you literally just had to throw together. Voila! It’s cooked, it’s ready to be eaten. It’s like friggen magic. I own 3 of them. 1 large one and 2 regular sized ones. You can never have enough!

There they are. My fantastic four. There are tons of good kitchen tools out there (hello a good knife and a cutting board) but those are the main four that make my life easier. And easier is better.

Can I get an amen?

How about you? What’s in your kitchen that you can’t live without? 





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