My I Don’t List

Can we be honest for a minute?

Because we live in a world that almost demands we show the best portions of our life, only the best, and you hide the dirty, messy, dark, stinky portions away. In this age of Instagram perfect kitchens, and FB posts about how wonderful our significant others are, I want to share something with you too.

It’s called my I Don’t list. Not to be confused with my To Do list.

My to-do list is pretty long in a day, I’m gonna be real with you, which makes me love my I Don’t list all that much more.

So, in honour of baring it all on the line. Here goes.

I Don’t…

Vacuum. (often) There is nothing I hate more than vacuuming. So I saved my coins and bought a robovac (like a Roomba but an off-brand version). That mighty little tiger cleans my floors at least once a day, sometimes twice because I have a dog hair allergy that drives me insane with 2 dogs living in my house.

Mop. Ahem. This one is almost embarrassing but I also have the iRobot Braava, which is a robotic mop. I call her Eva and she mops my floors for me. No more sticky floors.

Iron. Wrinkles be damned.

Wash my windows regularly. Usually only when the amount of dog spit has built up so badly on them that I can’t see out.

Wash my dishes every night. Life gets tiring and sometimes after dinner I don’t want to wash the dishes. So I don’t. Quite honestly, I prefer doing dishes first thing in the morning as opposed to them being the last thing at night. I should note here that we don’t have a dishwasher. I am the dishwasher.

Make everything from scratch. I love the homesteader way of life, I love food, I love to cook. If you’ve been around this blog for any amount of time you know that. But I also have stopped fooling myself into thinking I can do everything. That’s just a lie designed to make us fail. So, no, I don’t make everything from scratch. Sometimes it’s a time issue, sometimes it’s just for ease. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t buy boxed chicken broth or just grabbed a loaf of bread from the store for convenience.

I don’t decorate. My house is a jumbled mix of hand-me-downs, curb-side freebies, with a few “tasteful” treasures from Amazon thrown in. Ta-da.

I don’t “talk like a lady”. Like at all. If you have never heard a curse word come out of my mouth – you are a lucky person. (Sorry Mom.)

I don’t entertain. Probably because of all the other bullets ahead of this one. Combine that with the fact that I’m horribly introverted and the thought of having to make small talk over dinner after I’ve already spent the entire day in an office having to socialize makes my feral heart weak.

I don’t reply to every email or comment. I am so sorry if you’ve ever reached out me. Know that I read them. I’m just usually too scatter brained to reply, or I’m terrified I’m going to say something stupid. Weird phobia for a blogger but whatever.


It’s 2020, it is about time we started being honest with one another. And girl, if you are out there trying to eat healthy, drink enough water, clean the house, dress perfectly, have makeup on check, be at every meeting, answer every email, work late, but be home when the kids get off the bus, have the best homemade cookies, be the perfect Mom, read your bible, have at least one portion of kale each day, make a pot roast for dinner every night, and drop it like it’s hot on a moments notice….HEAR ME. You don’t have to do it all.

Sweet Lord.

So tell me, what’s on your “I Don’t” List?


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