Start with the Heart


There is madness happening in my house right now.

The chickens are establishing a new pecking order, so continuous fights keep breaking out.

My dog Dexter mysteriously had his collar chewed off yesterday, and neither he nor his large and goofy partner in crime, Bowser, are telling me what happened.

I just finished up canning for the year, and for some reason keep finding jars everywhere whenever I think I have put them all away.

The goats still think that I have to be standing right beside them at all times or they else they cannot eat, drink, or poop.

And that is just the beginning.
I have plenty of projects that are waiting for my attention.  I have rooms that still haven’t been set up yet.  I still have boxes that aren’t even unpacked from when we moved in in June! We need to put in the fence still (and when I say we, I actually mean Hubby.  I’ll watch and fan myself….ok enough dreaming. I’ll be out there digging holes too), I need to start my raised garden beds for next Spring, I need to make a decision on if I am buying a buck to breed my two does, or if I’m going to take a chance on borrowing one. I need to do this and I need to do that.

With so many projects on the go I tend to get a little crabby.

So where do I start?

With the heart.

What I actually need to do is this:

  • I need to stop nagging and complaining to my husband about all of the projects that need to be done.
  • I need to have patience and understanding.
  • I need to know that I cannot do it all, and that is OK.
  • I need to remember that tomorrow is another day.
  • I need to have a schedule and to stick to it.

I cleaned, scrubbed, and reorganized my kitchen.  I fixed things that weren’t working for me, I rearranged cupboards, I did all the dishes, I sanitized every speck of counter top. I washed each cupboard door, and wiped down the walls.  I started with a thorough physical scrubbing of the home’s heart.

Now I have a place to start.  A command post if you will.

Next up was a schedule.  With so many projects on the go I needed to make housekeeping a little more practical.  Before, I was ignoring the house, and then doing all the housework in one day.  When you have two dogs, it gets pretty messy pretty fast.  So I do one chore for each day of the week.  Dishes are a daily demand, as is sweeping (com’on I have two dogs!), but mopping can be Wednesday’s job, and dusting Thursday’s job, and so on. (To read more on my house cleaning schedule for those of us who hate to clean check out this post)

I also keep a strict schedule for my farm animals.  They are let out at the same time every morning, and put back at the same time each night.  They are fed at the same time each day as well.  No more getting hay whenever the goats blubber.

As for the rest of it, that’s for God and I to work out.  I need to spend time in prayer and in his Word so that he can start doing a thorough spiritual scrubbing of my heart. Peace in the home starts with spiritual peace.

The rest of it will all come together in due time.


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