Always Have A Clean House

I am not the perfect housekeeper.

Heck I’ll even go farther than that.

I am plain rotten at housekeeping.

Some women have gorgeous homes that always smell like a candle store, and do not have one thing out of place.  Even when you drop in on them unexpectedly.

I am no such woman.

If you drop in unexpectedly at my house you will find dog hair on the floor and coffee mugs by the computer.

Yes it’s sad but true.

Luckily I am not alone, so for everyone else out there who would much rather sip wine on the porch after dinner, and work in the garden during the day here is my plan for you!

This is my Always Have A Clean House guide.

This is not set in stone, so be sure to toy with it and rearrange the days for ones that work better for you. There are also things that you may need to do daily that I don’t and vice versa, so adjust it, but keep the principles the same.




Always Have A Clean House

Every Day

Sweep the kitchen
Tidy up anything laying around
Scoop litter box (if you have an indoor cat)
Wipe down counters and stove after dinner
Daily cleaning duty

Daily Cleaning Duty

Monday – Bathrooms
Tuesday – Vacuum
Wednesday – Mop – *Annual cleaning duty
Thursday – Dust
Friday – Monthly Duty
Saturday – Laundry – * Bi-yearly cleaning duty

Monthly Cleaning Duty

Wash the baseboards
Organize and clean the fridge
Wash walls and doors


Wash pillows
Wash curtains
Move furniture and clean/vacuum under it/behind it


Clean light fixtures
Clean carpets (optional – but if you have indoor pets like I do sometimes the ol’carpet needs a good shampooing)
Clean out closets (linen and clothes) and get rid of anything that you no longer need or wear.

A Few Tips:

I have this printed off and hung on the cork-board in my kitchen so I always know what I need to do that day. Consistency is the key! You will start to see results and soon it will take less time for you to get your house back in order.

Pick two days that work best for you and use them as your make up days for things that got missed or forgotten or when life got in the way. 

Lastly your home is your haven. Keep it simple, get rid of things you don’t use or need, and you will be amazed at how much better you feel being at home.

Clean home = healthy and happy family.

And amen. 

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