Saving Trees and Turning 25.

Today is my birthday.

I’m the big 25.

An old lady.

A quarter of a century.

OK I’ll stop.

Birthdays are that wonderful time of year where calories don’t count, you get to pick what you want for dinner, and if you are really lucky, mama will invite you over, make you dinner, bake you a cake, give you a present, and all you have to do is show up!

Did I mentioned how excited I am?!

I do love ripping open the wrapping paper, or pulling away the tissue paper to find what is inside. I am a bit of a present nut.

This year I wanted only homemade or useful items. Or better yet, straw to insulate my chicken coop with.  I would actually prefer the straw. Don’t buy me presents buy me straw….and wrap it!

But I digress.

Before going into work this morning the ol’Hubster brought in his present for me…wrapped in his coat. No wrapping paper or tissue paper, ust his coat. He’s so thoughtful.

Hey man at least no trees died so that they could wrap up my present.

And yes he has to keep any gift for me in his truck. Because I am a shameless snoop.  I will find it, and look at it. I have been known to unwrap presents then tape them back up again just so I know what’s inside. Terrible I know!

What was I talking about?  Birthdays are also a good reason to be scattered brained.

Oh ya, Hubby brought me in a present.


So I opened the lovely wrapped parcel and there were two awesome signs for my kitchen. Clearly homemade in their beauty. There are some things that are best as originals. I prefer my decor to be that way. He bought them from his aunt who has a booth at the local farmer’s market.

Now all I have to do is figure out where to hang them.

So today is my birthday, I get to eat cake, save trees from becoming wrapping paper, and help out the local community instead of a big box store. I’d say all around a pretty good day.

Oh ya and Google made a doodle for me.  I thought that was pretty cool.



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