Just A Little Freak Out

This is it.  One of the big moments that my goat keeping career has been waiting for.

Breeding time.

I know, I know, you are all as excited as I am!

Actually I’m nervous. And excited. But mostly nervous.

The last several months I have been tracking their heat cycles. Just marking down on the calendar when they went into heat and checking to see how long they cycle at. It seems to be about 17 days for my girls. Although Sophie likes to make it hard for me to tell when she is in heat. So I sort of guess with her.  Usually I am good at spotting it.

Until now.

This is the big game. The time we have all been waiting for, and I’m floundering.

Second guessing myself.

Rereading every mark on the calendar I ever put down.

Watching every move they make, and yes I’ll admit it, I even stuffed them under my arm and hiked up their tail for a peek.

I know, this is really not what you want to read.

So instead of driving myself crazy standing out in the barn watching them when it is freezing cold outside, I’m here writing to you, and attempting to calm my nerves.

Oh man if this is how I am before breeding time, just imagine the panic that is going to ensue when they go into labor. Dear Reader I am warning you now I may just explode all over the internet. But I’ll share baby goat pictures with you and that will make it all worth it. That is if I can calm myself long enough to recognize when they are in heat and get the deed over with.

Their tall dark and handsome stranger is waiting for them at a farm not too far from here. Now if only they could just talk and tell me “I’m ready for my date”. It would make my life so much easier.

Oh I should also mention that it is possible they may be in heat today which means they are early. Which means I have to drive them in my little Sentra. In a snow storm. Two goats, me, a snow storm, and a half hour drive.

Please send prayers, happy thoughts, and well wishes my way. Lord knows I need them!


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