Forever Would Not Be Enough

I am a lot of things (goat milker extraordinaire, baker, lost cell phone finder, owner of one pair of jeans.). And I am also not a lot of things (math expert, girl with perfectly painted fingernails, person with co-operative hair).

But the best thing that I am is wife.

I adore my husband like some crazy school girl.

Yes sometimes I still sign my name and put hearts around it. But I’m not pretending anymore about having his last name, I actually have it now.

Am I making you sick yet?


I love him because:

  1. He makes me a tea every morning. Every single day when I come in from chores my tea is waiting on the counter for me.
  2. He kisses me goodbye every day before going to work and kisses me goodnight every single night. Even if we’ve been fighting.
  3. He always tells me I’m pretty. Even when I have dirt smudged across my cheek, and hay sticking out of my deranged hair.
  4. He never complains when I accidentally get distracted and burn dinner. He just eats it and thanks me for making another meal for him.
  5. He is always on board with my craziness.
  6. He rubs my back even when his hands hurt and he just wants to sit and watch TV.
  7. He has curly hair, long eye lashes and the cutest boy smile you ever did see. Allow me this minute to swoon.
  8. He talks in a baby voice to the chickens.
  9. He laughs a lot. And usually can get me too even when I’m being stubborn or unreasonable about something.
  10. He loves God.

So call me old fashioned but I don’t look at marriage as a life ending situation that is to be tolerated until death do you part. I look at it as being with my very best friend on the hard road of life.

We’ve been married 6 years this past June and I look forward to many many more years. I was 19 when we got married and so many people thought it their duty to tell us it would never last and that we were just kids, but I knew then what I know even more now; Forever would not be enough time to love this man.

Maurice again 034

Be sure to love that special someone extra today! Just because.


4 thoughts on “Forever Would Not Be Enough

  1. Super sweet:) I just shared this with 2 people that I know will enjoy this.. I really like your blog, I actually sent a couple of different posts to my husband and he was laughing saying how formiliar that they sound;)

  2. OK, I’m not one to leave comments, but I have to! I love this post 🙂 It really made me smile, I was married at seventeen. I was always older then my age, traveled South and Central America working in orphanages. I was done with school (graduated early) And married my hubby who is four and a half years older than me. People where skeptical of us too, we have six kids now and have been married for 18 years and my oldest daughter will be turning 17 in a few months! Crazy, happy, love, I married my best friend and I’m so glad you did too! – Abby Jo @

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