Roast Beef and Counting Your Blessings

It’s Tuesday.

Which is the equivalent to Monday in my world. Tuesday means I have to go back to work. Tuesday means the weekend is over. Tuesday means no more long naps on the couch. (A Monday afternoon ritual in this house.)

This weekend was full of good food, and laughter with my family. My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage together, so all of us crazy family members got together to eat and laugh, and share stories while celebrating my grandparents. I love it when my belly giggles from laughter, all full of roast beef and homemade apple pie.

Nana and Papa, on their wedding day | April Tells All
My Grandparents on their wedding day.

Speaking of roast beef, I haven’t had red meat since the spring, and oh man! Girlfriend forgot how delicious a roast beef could be. Red meat why must you be so expensive? Even chicken is a luxury around here some days, so red meat was a real blessing, especially when Mama cooks it perfectly.

Which reminded me that I need to be more focused on counting my blessings. Having a full belly, having family and getting to enjoy time together is a blessing. Having a small homestead is a blessing. Having a husband that loves me is a blessing. Marriage is a blessing, and I can only hope to be married to my best friend for 60 years. Having a roof over our head, a car that works, and goat that doesn’t poop on the milking stand are all blessings. Fresh water, and tea, and homemade muffins are blessings. Being able to spill my thoughts on this here little blog is a blessing.


There were lots of troubles last week that were bringing me down. But then God sent a delicious roast beef, and things got a wee bit better. And quite a bit better by the time dessert was done. I licked my plate clean. No joke.

Remember to count your blessings today.

And day dream about taking long naps when you’re supposed to be decorating cakes.

*sigh* Tuesday you ruin all the fun.


What are you thankful for today?


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