A Good Bra and Pair of Jeans

Phew! Has anyone else had a crazy week?

Last week was craziness here. This week isn’t looking to be much better. Here I was all excited for some down time but instead it’s getting busy again.

With the extra warm weather we’ve been having my lilac bush is completely confused and starting to bud. My garden has been mulched and tucked away but I’ve been looking at long term forecasts and wondering if I should go for it on some cold weather plants like peas, and leafy greens. But then the chickens will just destroy everything anyways so maybe not.

Usually around this time I go into hibernation. This time last year we had had 2 snow storms already. So with the extended period of warm weather I too seem to have gotten confused and jumped into spring cleaning mode. It is time for a renew and redo my friends. My life is feeling cluttered at this point and I need to fix that.


First off is me. Girlfriend’s closet consists of freebie shirts from cases of beer, sweaters that are worn out, too small, or just plain ratty, and jeans that don’t fit properly and are riddled with holes. It is time to take some pride in my appearance. I’m tired of dressing like a slump.

So to update my closest but keep the budget still on track my plan is to buy a piece or 2 once a month. Slowly but surely update and upgrade my closest. This month it was all about foundations. I needed a bra.

Too much information?

Meh, I’m living up to my title and telling all.


My bra situation consisted of 3 of my mom’s old sports bras that are a size to small – talk about squish! Or some cheapy bras, that I got when Target was closing, that stretched out after about a week. I do not need to be always arranging myself throughout the day. I’ve got work to do, I need to be comfortable. So thanks to a 50% off sale at Sears I got 2 good quality bras and a pair of jeans that actually fit me right. They’re the right size, they sit just below my belly button – which means I don’t have my bum hanging out when I bend over or sit down. I’d call that a success! I don’t even care that they’re “mom” jeans. I need structure and support!

And then I danced around my bedroom because I felt like a princess.

I firmly believe that if you give a girl a good bra and a good pair of jeans she can do anything.


We don’t have much money for clothes and to be always replacing them gets to be tiresome. I’ve bought plenty from thrift stores but have yet to have bought anything that has really lasted. The way I see it, it is better to just buy something that will last.

So such is life on the farm right now.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a weeks worth of dinners to make today so I can breath a bit for the remainder of the week.

Girlfriend has cakes to make, goats to breed, people to see and places to go.

Good day.



2 thoughts on “A Good Bra and Pair of Jeans

  1. How funny, I just bought a new bra on Sunday.It’s been so long as I have been wearing only sports bras for the last couple of years so I decided on Victoria’s secret thinking the old man work’s hard and deserves it 😉 I do feel guilty spending $68 and coming home with one bra regardless If we have it to spend or not I always think of better things that it could go to when it comes to things like that. Though its not all about me,I know the Mr feels good when I keep things up so to speak;)) pants are a touchy subject for me though, ever since we moved to our homestead last year mine have all been shrinking:( I’m pretty sure it’s something in the water..yeah.. the water..

    1. Hahaha it’s definitely something in the water. And I hear ya on spending the money. I’m pretty sure if the bras hadn’t been 50% off I wouldn’t have bought them. I’m always like but I could get x amount of bags of chicken feed for that amount of money! Chickens always come first 😉

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