Homemade London Fog {Naturally Sweetened}

Homemade London Fog {Naturally Sweetened}

Nestled in the heart of the town I grew up in is a little coffee shop called Sweet Bottoms.

And they make THE BEST London fog. Whenever I drive by or walk passed I feel an urge to go inside and order one. I’ll find myself passively reaching into my pocket or digging in my wallet to see if I have the right amount of change. Oh just a small one I think to myself. It’s a treat, don’t I deserve a treat every now and then?

But in reality it is expensive. So enter homemade London fog.

As much as I love the atmosphere of the small town coffee shop, I don’t have to spend my hard earned money there for the deliciousness of London fog. Because the homemade version is damn delicious!


Just a note – I’m also a foamed milk freak. I looove the foam. SO naturally this version has foamed milk – that’s the best part.

Homemade London Fog

You Will Need:

1 bag of earl grey tea

Boiling water

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (try to use the real stuff)

Maple syrup to taste (or honey) – I use about a teaspoon

Milk – 2% or higher if you want to foam it.

Immersion blender for foaming the milk



Boil the water.

While you’re waiting fill your cup about a 1/3 of the way with milk. Add maple syrup, and vanilla extract. Foam with the immersion blender. I do this in little pulses until I hit the sweet spot where it isn’t spraying milk all over my kitchen and then I let er fly. I love the foamed milk so much that I risk the milk spraying all over my kitchen. Call me weird.

Once foamed, add the tea bag and fill the cup the rest of the way with boiling water.

Garnish with some fresh ground nutmeg and a swirl of maple syrup. It makes it look fancy.

Then sit in your own living room and admire that you can drink this expensive tea latte for pennies while never having to put pants on.

It’s the best.

And amen.


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