Baby Goats, Working, and Cooked

A quick order of business today for 2 reasons.

  1. Because I’ve been trying to write a post for over a week now and have come up with nilch, nada, nothing – and I’m going crazy over it.
  2. Because of the reasons above, I’m hoping that a quick list will remind me that I can, and should write. Hubby starts zoning out when I blab on and on about swollen goat vulva’s and honey sweetened lemon curd. And yes, I can get those 2 into the same sentence. I’m talented like that.

So for those 2 reasons here is a quick list of what has happened this last week.


Number 1. 

Phoebe finally gave birth. My heart is happy, there are baby goats in the world again. Twin doelings! A makeup for last year when she only gave us a single buckling. 2 does? Um yes please! Plus milk. Oh glorious delicious creamy milk how I have missed thee!! Milking hasn’t officially started yet, we got a week left until babies will be separated at night and I’ll be out in the dark hauling Mama goat to the milking stand in the wee hours of the morning.






Which brings me to Point Number 2.

I’ve got a job.


That’s great April we knew that.

Well, I’ve got a full time job. After going through our fiances, and talking about our future goals (hello farm!), as well as looking at the fastest way to pay off our debts (hello million dollar water filtration unit…..) we decided that I should go back to work. And we prayed on it and prayed on it, and the decision was confirmed in both of us that it was the right one. The next thing was the actual job itself. It wasn’t looking like there was any opportunity to move up in the job that I was in, even though it was one that I enjoyed and wanted to stay in. And then suddenly there was 2 jobs on the table. In the matter of a day. A seasonal bakers job or a full time cake decorator. I’ve done the bakers job before. That’s what I’ve been trained in since I was 16. But dang bakers hours are killer! Plus there’s the milking the goat, and tending to the animals, all after working a 13 hour day that you started at 3 am. Plus the drive was farther. So cake decorator it is. Which is what I had been doing one day a week. I don’t have to change jobs, or quit from this job (for the 4th time in my life), or drive very far. Working full time was not the goal at the start of this farming adventure, and I think there are a lot of homesteaders who can make it without having to work. I applaud those people. But that wasn’t the reality for us. Plus my hydro bill was over $700 last month.


Right? That’s about the same as my mortgage! I just about died.

Therefore full time job.

Number 3

I have several recipes that I want to share with you. I seriously do, I’ve been working and working on them, but don’t quite have them perfected yet. I promise I will get on that – because we all want to eat.


Number 4 

I did spend about 2 days watching Cooked on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, DO IT! Because it is the first documentary that didn’t preach veganism as being the be all end all of diets. Not that I’m against vegans, but it is not a lifestyle that would be sustainable for me. To hear someone finally say that going back to traditional foods and humanly raising animals in as natural a setting as possible is the way to go just made me so happy! I spent the entire documentary of Cowspiricy yelling very unladylike like things at the TV, this time I was yelling Preach It!

I was passionate. And then I got up and barbecued an entire pig, made a stew, got my sourdough starter going again, and fermented some sauerkraut.


Ok well, I didn’t do all that. I did start the sourdough though. I was inspired.



Number 5.  

There is no number 5. That is the extent of what I’ve got to say.

So in summary:

  1.  Baby goats are cute.
  2. Prepare for lots of egg and milk recipes soon because it’s Spring and the egg and milk business is booming!
  3. Homesteading is awesome, but sometimes it isn’t enough to keep the lights on.
  4. Watch Cooked. And then do more cooking.
  5. Drink some nice wine. Because wine. Always wine.

The End.


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