I went grocery shopping.

Well maybe perhaps it is better described as revenge shopping.

I work in the bakery department of a grocery store. The other day the owner decided it was a great day to take his frustration, over the amount of waste, out on the little guys.

You know, the ones who can’t do anything about it.

Not cool dude. Not cool.

Anyways I had a small list of things I wanted to pick up after work, but I was still very much frustrated with the entire situation and decided that no way was I about to give back my hard earned money to a such a grumpy penny pincher.

Therefore I drove 20 minutes to nearest large-ish town and blew my budget at my very favorite wholesale store.

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It was glorious. And revengeful. And really didn’t hurt anybody but my bank account.

But I digress.

This is not a hate post towards my boss.

This is a post about balance.

Balance because I bought a case of waffles. That’s right. I don’t buy waffles by the mere box of 6, I buy them by the case. It’s disgraceful and delicious at the same time. I do cover them with real organic maple syrup. If that somehow makes it any better. But beside that case of waffles in my freezer is homegrown heritage pork from a small local farmer.

In my cupboard is organic herbs, spices, essential oils, and….prefab rice crispy treats, a case of single serving potato chips, and the most horrifying of all I can’t even believe I bought it…da da dadaaa! A case of honey buns. Yes a case. Of honey buns. That run at 600 calories a piece.


Oh man just throw me out of the real food club now and lock the door. I don’t deserve to call myself a foodie.

I have yogurt from a commercial dairy. I have 1.5kg of pepperoni sticks made from pork that was the furthest thing from humane.

But I also have 10L of goat milk from my goats in freezer. Goats that I hand milk each morning and talk to and pet and who each have a name. I have thousands, hear me now, thousands of eggs from happy hens, who sit on my lap, sun bathe, roam the neighbourhood (ahem), and who come when they’re called (sometimes).


My point is life is about balance. Don’t think that you’re going to just be able to give up everything and do everything for yourself. Don’t think that every meal is going to be completely home grown or scratch made. Don’t think you’ll never need the grocery store ever again. That’s a good way to burn yourself out. To make you think that homesteading and growing and producing your own food is too much work. Yes, do what you can! Yes, bake bread or make your own cleaners, or even just grow a couple of tomato plants. Every little thing counts. This is not a race or a competition. Every one of our situations are different and you can only do as much as your situation dictates. Just have balance.

Some days we’re all just trying to survive. To get through the day without killing someone (oh is that just me?), or mouthing off to our boss, or falling asleep standing up. So┬ádon’t fret when you have to buy a can of soup. Because sometimes you just need that. Other days you may have meals that are completely homemade and home grown.

Some days you may be a great employee and other days you may be useless. You just never know. (Ya I had to get that in there one last time.)

Balance ya’ll. It’s the key to life.

And amen.



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