Monday Morning

Monday morning is my favourite morning in the whole wide morning charade. While other people dread Monday’s because it is the start of a new week, Monday is my Saturday.

There is no rushing to get chores done, then running out the door without breakfast, only half of my uniform buttoned up and my sweater on inside out.

There is no rushing to get the chores done, get my hair nice, and get the goat buck smell off of me before I rush into church.

There is just chores. Then sitting back and sipping a coffee. Reading a book. Having a nap. Cooking. Baking. Cleaning. That is what Monday is for me, and it is glorious.

Come let me show you my Monday morning.


First of all, it’s raining! Glory Halleujuah! It’s been so dry here and the rain barrels have been empty. Our well water is no good so when the rain barrels are empty there is no water for the chickens or goats. A sympthetic neighbour let us fill water jugs from her hose or we would haul buckets back and forth from the river. Having 3 rain barrels full is a HUGE answer to prayer. It rained all day yesterday and a bit this morning. As it’s been raining we’ve been draining water out of the barrels into jugs to stockpile it. You know, incase it’s another 2 months before it rains again.


And then we milk. If I had been cool I would have gotten a nice shot of me actually squeezing the milk into the pot. But I’m not that cool. Also the shutter speed on my phone is horribly slow, so this is the best I could get. Also please ignore the messy stand. I didn’t sweep it off this morning, which I really reeeally should have done before a photo shoot. Meh, here is the real farm life deal; poop and hay on the milk stand.


Then it’s feeding time. Feed the chickens, feed the goats, fill the kelp dishes, spray the goats down with a homemade fly spray, try not to get eaten alive by the swarm of mosquitoes myself. Spray myself with the fly spray. Aw yes, my everyday perfume: eau de fly spray.


I like to wander through the garden in the early morning. Birds are singing, the air is fresh, and everything has had a good drink from the rain.




Just so we’re clear I grow the strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and rhubarb for me. The chickens think it’s for them and usually raid my garden before I get any. But it’s for me. Really. Dang chickens.


Goats hate rain. Or water really of any kind. They’re worse than cats. Except for Ollie. His love for food outweighs his hatred of getting wet. He’s a big stinky buck anyways, he could use a good rinse.


And it’s coffee time. Time to reflect, time to plan the day, time to pray, time to figure out what I’m going to blog about.

My gosh I love this place. I don’t know why I ever leave it.

Oh ya….



Hope your Monday has been stress free thus far.

And amen.




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