Life As I See It

Something wonderful happened last Friday.

This baby arrived in the mail. Booya!


I’ve wanted this camera since I started the blog 2 years ago. Thankfully my photography skills have improved, at least slightly, and I felt like it was finally time to upgrade to a real camera, and not just use the one on my cellphone like I had been up until this point.

And I am in love.

So come with me as we take a stroll around the homestead. I want to show you everything and finally you can see it just as clearly as I see it….actually better. Because I’m supposed to wear glasses, but don’t, because as we discussed (in this post) I do my own thing. I’m a rebel. Or something.





Bowser, defender of the farm. He sleeps with chickens, chases racoons and barks endlessly at hawks. He also likes to, ahem, scare the egg customers.




Every homestead needs a homestud. Or at least mine does. This man does not get enough credit on this blog for all the hard work he does. He is the muscle of the homestead. I’m the dreamer, the one with the crazy plan but he is the one who does his darndest to make those dreams and crazy plans a reality.







This is just a glimpse of the place I get to call home, and while it isn’t perfect and isn’t where I see myself in 5 years, I’m happy to be able to call it our little homestead.

And amen.









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