Happy Thanksgiving from Canada, or more specifically – me.

Canadian Thanksgiving comes roughly 6 weeks earlier than American Thanksgiving, and so does Canadian Winter, which is quickly rearing it’s ugly head.

I awoke this morning to thick frost blanketing the summer green. The air is cold and makes my cheeks turn bright red. A hat and gloves were mandatory for morning chores, our breath coming out in white puffs.


And I’m thankful.

Thankful for the time of rest coming. Thankful for the summer that we did have. Thankful for the rows and rows of canned goods in my pantry – especially on this the year of all years when I thought for sure that I wasn’t going to get any canning done.

I’m thankful for my Hubby. He has taken over a lot of the farm work now that I’ve been working full time outside of the house. The farm wouldn’t be running as smoothly if I didn’t have him as my partner. My companion that always gets sucked into my crazy plans and keeps everything afloat.

Our little cottage in the woods is finally undergoing drastic renovations. It started last fall when I wrote this recipe. We had pulled the horrible brown and orange shag carpet and moved the furniture around. It was such a small step then and we didn’t have the money then to put into a full scale renovation, but yet here we are a year later and that room is already unrecognizable.

As for the the animals I have an entire freezer dedicated to milk. Literally. There might be some bags of carrot muffins somewhere in there too. We have been so blessed with milk this year. I could take a full milk bath if I wanted too and still have some left over. Those goats drive me insane but I sure am thankful for what they contribute to this little homestead. Our hens are molting after being troopers in one of the hottest summers on record. Despite the heat we filled our egg orders every week. They deserve some time to rest.


As do we. Autumn and the beginning of winter bring something even more wonderful with it. Comfort food. Ah yes. Now we’re getting to the the heart of the matter. April is thankful for food. What else is new?


The colder weather brings soup. I am a huge soup lover. Once again we’ll be filling our bellies with warm creations that have simmered all day on the stove filling the house with a rich aroma while the snow falls outside. The air already smells like snow, and I’m sure it won’t be long.

The last bit of work before us is mulching the garden and getting it ready for it’s long nap. There is nothing better than a garden. I’ve spent the last few sunny days sitting among my squash and eggplants soaking it all in. The bees buzzing around the blossoms on the peppermint, the sun on my face, my fingers in the soil. Come January I begin to really miss it. Thankfully January also is when the seed catalogs start appearing in my mailbox. It’s like the seed company’s know I’m about to go crazy from the lack of plants in my life. So for now I’m soaking up every last bit of garden goodness I can get. ┬áMy plan for next year already circling in my head. Where can I put more gardens? My garden is already too small for what I want to grow next year. But we live in a forest. What trees can we take out? How can we keep the chickens out? Will we get the greenhouse (that we already have picked out, oh yeah!) next year?


We’re thankful. Thankful for this crazy life, thankful for good food, thankful for our little homestead, and thankful for you for always coming back and reading about our crazy adventure.

Happy Thanksgiving – may your bellies be full.

And amen.



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