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I have to admit something. I am an egg snob.

Allow me to explain:

I used to hate egg yokes.

Some people like them all runny and slathered on toast.

That was not me.

Heck no!

I used to break the egg yokes when I was frying an egg and let it intermingle with the whites. And I made for darn sure there was no runny bits left.

I really wasn’t much of an fried egg girl. Or poached. Or hard boiled, or even soft boiled. I loved scrambled, or just plain egg whites. That was about the extent of it.

Until I got hens.

My goodness that first egg was amazing.

I went into the coop like any other morning to fill up the feed and check the water, and there it was. Kind of shoved into the corner half buried in wood shavings, and no where near the nesting boxes.

And. I. Cried. Like a little girl (well not really but you get the picture).

So much hard work and effort was put into raising those chicks. Bum cleaning, proper heating, cleaning the waterer (only to have them dirty it again), getting the proper feed, moving them to the coop, allowing them to free range, and then there was the raccoon, until finally… there it was. Our very first egg.

What a moment.

I waited the entire day for Hubby to get home, and even though the egg was small we lightly fried it up and shared it. The first taste of our efforts. And it. was. incredible!  I didn’t squish the yoke when I fried it, and somewhat hesitantly I tried it. I cannot explain how rich and tasty it was. It was like butter.

This is how food should taste, and how it should be obtained. It should have a back story, it should have real flavour, and it should feel like a blessing.

Every afternoon I collect the eggs, and it never ceases to amaze me.  What an awesome creation chickens are!

So yes I am an egg snob.  I turn my nose up at those pale yellow yokes that you get with commercial raised eggs.

If you are able, get hens.  If you are unable, find someone who sells farm fresh eggs. They are worth seeking out, and they are worth waiting for while you raise those tiny little chicks.

Because, frankly, we need a few more egg snobs in the world!


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