Slowing Down

They are calling for snow tonight in these parts.  To be honest I am a little relieved.  I am getting sort of tired of always going out to the barn in the pouring rain each morning.

And besides what is Halloween without snow anyways?

I am also feeling very apprehensive.  I was not raised as a farm girl, and with the colder nights and rainy days I worry about the ol’chickens and goats out there.

Well I worry more about the chickens. What can I say? I’m a chicken sort of girl.

The goats have fluffed out these past few weeks and are all woolly.  They look a bit like two stuffed sausages wearing a snow suit. (That’s my nice way of saying dem girls are gettin’ fa-at!) But that’s a good thing.

Things are slowing down around here now. The garden bed has been mulched, composted, and is ready for next spring. The garlic has been planted. Tucked away under the mulch and dirt for a long winters nap.

The pasture has been completely cleared of all life giving plants.  We’ve been hay feeding now, and soon will start giving the goats grain again to help build more winter fat on them. The chickens are enjoying a diet based more on cracked corn as well.  We still have plans to put down grass seed in the pasture to help build it up more for next year. Hopefully we will get a move on that before the snow stays for good.

So many plans for next spring already.  So much hope for what next year will bring.  I love this way of life.  I love working in time with God’s beautiful creation.

But for now I also need to focus on preparing for winter.

Any spare moment Hubby and I have is spent splitting and stacking wood.

Food prep for the winter is pretty much done as well.  I love seeing the cold cellar, pantry and freezer lined with jars, onions, squash, dried beans, rice, and meat to hold us through the long months ahead.

Soon it will be quiet snowy days, a warm kitchen, and the promise that spring will come again.

We have so many plans for next spring, and things that we what to try.  It is the hope of a more sustainable living, and better food for our family that keeps us moving.

What a blessed life indeed.

Also it is Halloween, so as a special Halloween treat for you my beloved reader, here is a glamours picture of me sporting my costume this year. Yes, this is about as dressed up as I’m going to get. Can you guess what my costume is?


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