A Wasted Day

Today I got up way before the sun, got ready for work, kissed my handsome and still sleepy husband goodbye and drove into work. Where I was rejected at the punch clock. Not unusual. Especially since I’m working an earlier shift then my usual one, I assumed it just got confused when the schedule was being entered into the system. After 10 minutes of waiting for a supervisor to swipe me in I arrived at my station. Only to be greeted by a confused look on my managers face, followed by the worst words ever. “You’re not working today.”


She followed that sentence with an even worse sentence. Behold: “but since you’re here you might as well stay. We could use the help, besides you don’t really want to drive all the way back home do you?”

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Um, yes. Yes I do want to drive home. I’ll get back before feeding time and I can see my chickens and goats and tell them all good morning like I always do. I can feed them, and get my daily dose of hay-in-the-bra (I mean who doesn’t want that!?), and I can clean their water buckets, and wave goodbye to my husband when he leaves for work.


I can be productive and mop my floor (I missed my mop day yesterday!), and dust my annoyingly huge collection of tea cups, and make goat cheese and bread. I can tidy the kitchen, sweep the floor, refill goat water when the dang rooster knocks the bucket over, snuggle my baby chicks, and let the dogs out 50 times an hour.

Instead I worked a half day, and when I say half day I mean I worked until my manager left for lunch and then I ran like a maniac out the door. No kidding. Once free, I ran a few errands since I was in town, drove home, and promptly crashed in front of Netflix. I mean they added Freaky Friday! Com’on! And it’s currently 10 thousand degrees in my house right now. Who wants to work in that?


So all in all I learned a valuable lesson about myself today: I’m no good after work. Be it a full day or a half day.

Also I really need to learn to write down my work schedule.

Now if you’ll excuse me Netflix wants to know if I’m still watching TV.

Why yes Netflix I believe I am…..


What have you done today?


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