The Chaotic Process Of April’s Spring Planning.

There is so much swimming through my brain right now, I’m not even sure how to start this post.

I am having that surge that only warmish weather brings.

I need to start seeds!

I need to get my seed order in!

I need to paint my kitchen!


I need new counter tops. These old white ones that stain constantly have got to go!

I need to start planning the garden!

I need the dang snow to melt so I can start working on the front yard gardens!

This year is the year of the front garden.

Also the pictures with today’s post aren’t really going to have anything to do with the post. I was just flipping through old photos this morning of when we first moved here. Which then reminded me of how much outside stuff we have gotten done.

I’m trying to stay grounded here.



There are apple trees to plant. A home is not a home without an apple tree in the yard.

There are gardens to create.

Raised beds? Or just toss the soil and fill it with mulch?

What flowers am I going to grow?

I’m partial to sunflowers myself. I want a man sized flower.


I need more strawberry plants.

My blueberry plants died. I cried. A lot. Should I try them again? Try raspberries instead?

What about my blackberry bushes? They didn’t do so well this year. Should I move them to somewhere they get more sun? Which is hard to find when you live in a forest…

My gosh my kitchen is ugly.

Right now I think I need to get off my blog and go to hardware store. Just buy that can of paint and paint the kitchen April. Just do it.

Oh wait.

You have no gas to get to the hardware store.

Well that’s ok!

Let’s just go dig around in the basement. The thing about moving all the time is you tend to collect paint cans. Some you bought. Others were sitting in the rental when you moved in and when you moved out a well meaning relative packed it along too.

I have tons of half finished paint cans.

So should you come over and my walls are a mix of creamy yellow, pinky gray, and lime green just remember it’s not wood paneling.

And that’s all my little heart desires right now.

Now f you’ll excuse me, it is time to tear down that horrible flower print pink wallpaper in the bathroom.

Because dizzying flower print wallpaper and wood paneling is out.

Also shag carpet. Let’s all just take a moment to reflect on the brown and orange shag carpet I pulled in the fall. I don’t even care that I have a plywood floor right now.

Lord knows it is better than brown and orange shag!

And amen.



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