We Bought The Farm

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. This dream seemed so far away. The ache in our hearts drove us onward every day towards a goal that we wanted more than anything else in the world, but a goal that seemed impossible.

Guys, nothing is impossible with God.

My heart is ready to explode into a thousand tiny pieces because it cannot contain the joy.


Right now it doesn’t look like much. My parents are up in arms over the entire thing, but we can see it. We’re dreamers, we go where we feel led and we make our own path. We’ve always struggled and clawed for everything and finally it feels like it has all come together.

But let’s back up first because there is some background knowledge you guys need to know.


On Sunday, March 26 I sat in my usual back pew listening to the Youth Pastor at our church preach about prayer. He spent sometime for us to silently reflect on our own lives and we were asked the question: If God could do something in my life what would it be? What was the one thing we desired that only God could do for us. The sermon went on to talk about Hannah, in the Old Testament, and how she cried out for a child. For those of us who know the story, we know that God heard her pleas and she gave birth to Samuel, but it was her prayers to God that were important. At the end of the sermon we were invited to pray amongst ourselves for what we wanted God to do in our life. God does not always answer our prayers. Sometimes He knows what is coming and can see the future in a way that we simply just cannot. Trust me when I tell you I have had a lot of unanswered prayers. But there we sat, Dan, myself and my brother’s girlfriend – who we’ll call Hilary, in our little pew and the three of us prayed together. I prayed for my brother and his girlfriend and their relationship, and I prayed for what Dan and I wanted most. I prayed that the longing in our hearts, the one that is so raw that when we think on it, it physically hurts, become a reality.  I asked for a farm. (If you’re interested in the sermon you can listen to it here).

After the closing song we made our way out of the sanctuary. As we were filing down the stairs, “Hilary” showed me her phone where she had a real estate listing open. “How about we go see this one?” she said. It was a listing for an off-grid cottage sitting on 74 acres.  Our lives changed in that moment.

Out we went to the remote location. The cottage was back in off an unmaintained road. There was still snow on the ground so we parked the truck and walked in to the road, looking for the driveway for this property. And we walked, and walked, and walked. 4 hours spent out in the bush and we never did find the place! Which of course added to the appeal.

A couple days later, Dan and I went back out to the road and walked again, and finally did find it. A crooked For Sale sign hung off a tree beside a path that we had missed several days earlier. We pushed forward down the path through snow past our knees until we found the cottage.

Guys, a porch that over looks a giant pond. No close-by neighbours. 74 acres. A quiet road that not even Google knows exists. It was love at first site. We knew we were home.

The more we go out there the more we fall in love with the place. The snow finally melted and we could drive in and explore more and more. A long forgotten apple orchard. Blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes, and gooseberries. Turkeys, deer, moose, and even elk roam the forests around the cottage. The pond (which is actually classified as a lake because of it’s depth) is full of trout. The air is fresh, and we’ll live under the trees. And when I say trees I mean sugar maples for as far as the eye can see. Hello maple syrup.

The cottage itself is currently wired to a generator and we’ll be adding solar. Our hydro bill comes in around $300 a month at our current home. Loosing that bill will be fantastic! A minimal mortgage means that we’ll be able to grow our farm faster, and that financial freedom is very close.

The sale is still pending and we are currently waiting for our house to sell. The faster we can get out the better in our minds. There is still a lot to do before the snow comes, which is really just a few short months away.

When you wait on the Lord AMAZING things happen. Please pray for my mother. She’s going to faint.

I can’t wait to take you with us on this journey. When I started this blog I didn’t even have goats yet. You’ve been with us through vegetarianism, the trials of goats, a lot of bad photographs, and a few breakdowns here and there. Now it’s time for the real thing. WE BOUGHT THE FARM.


And amen.

P.S. I’ll share more pictures of the actual home when the sale is final. Something may still fall through, plus it’s not technically mine yet and the current owners may not want me sharing pictures of their place all over the internet.


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  1. Congrats! Hope everything works out for you. It looks like a beautiful place from what you’ve shown. 🙂

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