One Year

Last Wednesday April Tells All turned one year old. One year baby!

So much has changed in that year!

When I first published my very first post my blog looked like this:


And yes I have had a dizzying array of blog templates and header images since then. I’m a girl who is always changing her mind. (You can read my first ever post here)

I started off on blogger with the lovely web address (that is still on a lot of my images). I’ve since moved to WordPress and own my own domain, which has turned into quite the adventure!

My pictures still suck. Maybe someday I can justify buying that $500 Nixon D3200 that I want so badly but for now I’m making do with the camera on my phone or my point and click camera, and I like to think that my picture taking skills are improving….slightly.

Exhibit A:





When I first started this blog it was the beginning of our new life here. We had rented an old red brick farmhouse on 2 acres with a big old barn. I have used pictures of that old barn in a lot of my blogging photos, header images, or currently as a comment image. We were both sad to leave that old farm, but we had officially become home owners, and small backyard farmers. It was the beginning of an entirely new life. I quit my job, got goats, and even chopped off my hair. So much has changed on our little farm too.

My hens used to look like this:


And they slept every night in a par-baked bread box that I got from work. I also had 13 of them. Now I have 8, and they sleep on a roost each night.

Hubby and my step-dad built the little barn that the goats and chickens live in. They finished it 3 hours after I brought home the goats.


The girl goats came home and proceeded to cry for 3 months straight. (Which, on the verge of loosing my sanity, made me write this post)


The man goats came home and didn’t make a noise. As long as they knew where the food was, they were happy.


Hiccup was born here. I wasn’t expecting him until May, but he came right at the first estimated due date. I guess Phoebe really wasn’t in heat that second time after all. His father was an excellent and expensive buck. How we had prayed for a doe! After praying about it, and considering the lineage we have decided that Hiccup (as Hubby named him), will be staying here after all.

And, after a lot of consideration, we sold off our wethered male Jackson. His mood swings, and constant fence jumping was getting to be more than I bargained for.



Also remember these little babes?



Well 4 of them turned out to be roosters. If I have learned one thing while living on the farm it is this: what seems like a good deal usually isn’t.


And you, dear reader, thank you so much for being apart of this year! Thank you for reading, because without you I would just be yelling into the wind.

So to celebrate this ol’blog’s birthday please comment and tell me about you! I wish I could have you over for a barbecue and you could meet the goats and chickens personally. But I can’t, so please comment and be apart of this little blog!

I’ll start. Hi I’m April! I live in Ontario Canada. I used to be a baker/cake decorator. My favourite color is lime green. I’ve been blogging here for just over a year. Pleased to meet you!


3 thoughts on “One Year

  1. I’m Abi, I live in Pennsylvania, and I have one goat and five chickens. And I’ve almost been blogging (for this particular blog) for a year too! Happy blog-iversary! Hey, are you part of Homestead Bloggers Network? If you’re not already, you should be. Super awesome group. 😉

    1. Hey Abi, I am a part of the Homestead Bloggers Network! Although I don’t post as much there as I should. Congrats on your new goat by the way! 🙂

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